The Art & Science of Facilitation by Marsha Acker

The Art and Science of Facilitation Book Jacket

For many of us who find ourselves leading small groups (either in-person or remotely), knowing the ins and outs of facilitation is a must. The Art & Science of Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Collaboration with Agile Teams by Marsha Acker will provide everything you need to know to improve your facilitation skills.

As the books point out in the first chapter, “The world of work is too complex and moves too fast for any one person to keep up with everything or have all the answers.” Collaboration is the doorway to achieve “collective intelligence”. This is the key to staying relevant in an ever-changing world.

Through outlined principles and examples, the text provides the framework for harnessing your facilitation skills. This is a must read for anyone new to this 21st century mode of leadership.

Updated: February 8, 2021 — 8:16 pm